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In mail sent to us:
This registration has come in after the deadline and as such is on the waiting list.
From the header of the Registration Form (Page 2 currently), the content shows the following (with only the header visible on the site):

Register for Ananda Mela Daglio Camp 2018

Page 1 of the Caldera Form as originally designed by Sanjeev (html, id fld_7439860, slug intro):
Registration form

Before you start this registration process, please make sure you have the following information ready:

for a child and a yuva under 18 years old:
– the last year when a tetanus vaccination was given to the child
– details of any food allergies
– if you would like to arrive or leave on different dates than the official dates of the camp, please contact us at for approval before completing the registration form. For more information why this is important, click here.

for an adult or yuva of 18 years or older:
– name and email address of one of your country or regional sahaja yoga coordinators or leader who can provide a recommendation for you
– emergency contact details
– qualifications or diplomas that could be relevant for the camp (Pedagogy, teacher, HACCP, fire safety certification, first aid, etc…)
– details of any food allergies

Filling in the pre-registration form takes 5 to 10 minutes, so make yourself comfortable with a cup of tea before you start 🙂

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