Info registration


Some volunteers reported issues completing the Registration on a Mac. If you don’t get a successful message after submitting, please try registering using a different platform (e.g.: Windows PC, iPad, Android mobile/tablet).

Before completing the online Registration, please take note of the following:

  • It will be mandatory for minors (children & yuvas under 18 y.o.) to indicate the last year of the Tetanus vaccination (you won’t be able to submit the form without it);
  • Full attendance is mandatory for children and highly recommended for adults & yuvas. (why this is important is explained here ) Should you require an exception for late arrival or early departure, please first contact the organizers for approval;
  • Adults will be required to provide the name and email address of a national coordinator who can recommend them, so please have their details at hand;
  • It’s better to know in advance who (parent, family or friend) will pay the camp fee as you’ll be asked to provide a name & address for invoicing purposes
  • Please use the Health Information or Comments sections to list any treatments or special needs of the child that the organizers, the camp nurse or the dorm auntie should be aware of.
  • For minors you’ll get the option to upload a (passport size) photo, if you happen to have one in electronic format at hand. We’ll attach that automatically on the auto-generated form that you’ll need to print out. If you don’t attach it to the online registration, you’ll need to glue a picture of the child on the printed form afterwards.


  • Children & Adults: Register by going to the Registration Page and filling in the online form
  • Children only: A PDF will be auto-generated and sent to you approx. 10 min (this process is still being setup, this might take a few weeks, please bear with us) after completing the online registration (please check your spam folder if not received within 1 hour). Alternatively, you can download HERE the docx version, but that will have to be completed in manually (you’ll need MS Word for the correct layout).

Note to parents: Your national coordinator will need to sign the Registration Form, so please take care to meet with him/her before the final registration. If that is not possible, we can exceptionally accept it via e-mail (must include all details in the form). The individual forms should be brought directly to Cabella and must be filled in and signed by both parents (in special cases where a 2nd parent cannot sign, please contact us to explain the situation and/or ask your national coordinator to make a mention of it in their recommendation).

Final Registrations & Acceptance Interview (mandatory for children & adults attending the first time, but recommended to all):

We will collect:

  • The completed Registration Form, signed by both parents, with photograph and a coordinator’s approval
  • An international health insurance card or certificate
  • Passport or Identity Card (copy also accepted if a parent is in Cabella with the original, and reachable at all times)
  • A copy of the Vaccination Card
  • The camp fee (if you couldn’t pay by bank transfer as explained below)

At the acceptance interview, we may ask questions about the Sahaj background of the child, their interests and potential health issues. For yuvas and adults we’ll go briefly over the tasks and activities they would like to present. To make the process efficient, it’s advisable that both parents and volunteers already cover these items in the Comments section of the online Registration.

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Swimming, we can go at an awesome waterfall, many games are played and watching movies is allowed and making new friends is easy.