• Please read all information on this page carefully as it may be critical for your acceptance to the camp.
  • Please make sure you revisit this page for latest updates meeting dates & locations (or other changes) just before the start/end of each camp.
  • If you have any question not answered here please email (or call / send reminders if urgent).
  • Volunteers will find further information concerning them on the Volunteers Page


For over 25 years the camp has grown more and more popular amongst yogis of all ages under the name of ‘Daglio’, which is the name of the village it belongs to. However we now know that during Her last visit there, Shri Mataji had a name for the place itself – Ananda Mela – meaning “the place where you gather in joy”. We will therefore start using it together with the name of Daglio from now on.


  • All Sahaja Yogi children aged between 8 and 14 years old (15 year olds may also be accepted under certain conditions).
  • Aunties, Uncles & Yuvas who can provide an activity for the children.Those who are not able to do this can help in the kitchen or with activities or help in the organisation of the camp – there is plenty of things that need doing.
  • Pre-Yuvas (16-17 y.o.) may join if they are responsible and capable of taking care of the little ones or help with activities.


Preparation Camp
16 – 27 July (before Guru Puja)

Girls Camp
CHILDREN: Mon 30 Jul – Sat 11 Aug
VOLUNTEERS: Fri 27 Jul – Sat 11 Aug 

Boys Camp
CHILDREN: Mon 13 Aug – Sat 25 Aug
VOLUNTEERS: Sat 11 Aug – Sun 26 Aug

We have found that for the event to be a complete success for children, organisers and the vibrations attendees should stay for the full camp. Arriving or leaving in the middle of the camp can be quite disruptive. Late arrivals miss vital information, introductions and team building events and may find it harder to integrate. Those leaving early will miss out on the closing events, affect the team balance and it can also trigger homesickness. Therefore children will only be allowed to attend the full camp (contact the organisers here if you have trouble fitting this into your schedule).

Volunteers are expected 2-3 days in advance. We’ll hold team building meetings (a collective one and then per group: kitchen team, activity team, dorm team, health & safety, etc). On the Friday or Saturday morning before each camp we might organize HACCP and Fire Safety courses, if we have enough volunteers to fill in a class (to be confirmed at a later date).

PRE-CAMP – Details to follow, but you can already write to if you have questions.

Volunteers: – Expected Thursday 26 July, because on Friday morning we may organize HACCP & Fire Safety courses and team building meeting(s) in the afternoon.
Starts: Monday 30 July – 09:00 to 12:00 (midday) we will collect all children from the Puja hangar and shuttle them to ‘Daglio’.
Ends: Saturday 11 August – From 09:00 we will transport all children from ‘Daglio’ to the Puja hanger, the last shuttle being expected to arrive around midday (exact hours & location to be confirmed, given the ongoing Festival). From this time onward parents are fully responsible for their children. However note that we may need the children to re-assemble later that day for a performance during the evening program in Cabella.

Volunteers – Expected in Cabella Saturday 11 August for team building meeting(s).
Starts: Monday 13 August – 09:00 to 12:00 (midday) we will collect all children from the Puja hangar and shuttle them to ‘Daglio’.
Ends: Saturday 25 August from 13:00 (to be confirmed) we will transport all children from Daglio to the Puja hanger, the last shuttle being expected to arrive around 17:00. From this time onward parents are fully responsible for their children. Some of the volunteer adults may be required to stay till Sunday 25 for camp closing works, so please take that into account when making your travel arrangements.

Parents willing to help transporting the children to/from Daglio must contact the administrators in advance to check if / when they can come up to Daglio. The last kilometers are one-way roads so they shouldn’t hamper the camp shuttle (hence preferably they should drive behind it). Helping with transport does not mean you can register also on camp. Registration down at the hangar is mandatory!

Please also let us know if you are willing to come up and help with the camp opening or closure works.


  • Children & Adults: Register by going to the Registration Page and filling in the online form (will be made available around Birthday Puja only!)
  • Children only: Download and complete the Registration Form with photograph and coordinator’s approval (can also be sent by e-mail):
    • DOCx version, if you prefer to fill it in manually (you’ll need MS Word for the correct layout)
    • A PDF version will also be made available once the Registrations open, with pre-filled information based on your online form

Note to parents: Your national coordinator will need to sign the Registration Form, so please take care to meet with him/her before the final registration. If that is not possible, we can exceptionally accept it via e-mail (must include all details in the form). The individual forms should be brought directly to Cabella and must be filled in and signed by the country leader and both parents of the child (for special cases where the 2nd parent cannot sign, please contact us to explain the situation and/or ask your national coordinator to make a mention of it in their recommendation).

Note to volunteers: Your national coordinator will need to recommend your participation. After completing the registration on the website, you will receive a mail from us. Please forward that mail to your coordinator and ask them to send it back to us with their approval (and comments if needed).

Preliminary registration ends on 30 June 2018.

Final Registrations & Acceptance Interview (mandatory for children/volunteers attending the first time, but recommended to all):

GIRLS: A Registration Desk will be open at the hangar on Saturday 28 & Sunday 29 of July. Please avoid delaying your registration till Monday morning, because it would create too much administrative hassle and affect the timely start of the camp for all children. If you cannot be at the registration desk by 10 AM on Monday 30 July, please Contact us as soon as possible (!) otherwise we may give the place to another child or volunteer (we have a legal headcount limit of 99 participants, and usually we have people on the waiting list).

BOYS: A desk will open around the hangar on Saturday 11 Aug (and possibly Sunday 12 as well). The exact hours and place will be confirmed later on due to the ongoing Festival. We will register the boys in while registering out the girls. Last minute registrations on Monday morning must be avoided to not delay the start of the camp with too much administrative hassle. If you cannot be at the registration desk by 10 AM on Monday 13 August, please Contact us as soon as possible (!) otherwise we may give the place to another child or volunteer.

We will collect:

  • The completed Registration Form, signed by both parents, with photograph and a coordinator’s approval (if not received by e-mail)
  • An international health insurance card or certificate
  • Passport or Identity Card (a copy is also accepted if the parent is in Cabella with the original, and reachable at all times)
  • A copy of the Vaccination Card (optional, but recommended)
  • The camp fee (if you couldn’t pay by bank transfer as explained below)

At the acceptance interview, we may ask questions about the Sahaj background of the child, their interests and potential health issues. For yuvas and adults we’ll go briefly over the tasks and activities they would like to present. To make the process efficient, it’s advisable that both parents and volunteers already cover these items in the Comments section of the online Registration.

For the parents and volunteers who cannot wait till the acceptance interview in Cabella (due to travel arrangements & vacation planning), we’ve put up a checklist which you can download HERE. If all applicable conditions are met, you can be fairly certain of your acceptance. You would still need to pass by the Registration desk in time to meet us and complete the formalities. If you want to be 100% sure and/or are unable to pass by the Registration desk in time, it can also be done online. Send us a mail with the completed checklist as well as any relevant documents attached (e.g.: filled & scanned registration form for children, ID & insurance scan, leader’s reference) and we’ll get back to you with a final answer.


As part of our efforts to run the camp under all legal requirements and minimize the administrative work at the Registration desk, the participation fee is expected to be paid beforehand via bank transfer at the following address (the sooner the better and preferably no later than 10th of July):

      • Casa Madre Impresa Sociale SRL
      • UBI Banca SPA
      • IBAN: IT 93Q 03111 48710 000000 004271
      • SWIFT Code (BIC): BLOPIT22
      • Comment: “Daglio Registration – Child/Adult
        Name Surname – Country
        Camp 2018

        (e.g.: Daglio Registration – Adult // Radu Bunda – Belgium // Boys Camp 2018)

Please take a screenshot extract of your payment and e-mail it to us, or print it out and bring it to the Registration desk in Cabella. You can pay for each family member separately, or for the whole family in one transfer, in which case please list all the names in the 2nd Comment line (at least the first names).


  • Western countries: €330 for the first child, a second child in the family pays €160, a third €120 and a fourth €80.
  • Adults & Yuvas: €140 for the full camp.

Note Further reductions are offered to parents or legal guardians who join the camp as volunteers and to participants from countries facing economic difficulties (i.e.: GDP/capita under the $30,000 average of the EU).

Please check the Fee projections in the attached list, to know how much you need to pay according to your region and family size, or contact us directly to confirm the amount to be paid. Please also e-mail us no later than 1 week before the camp, if you are not able to pay online beforehand and prefer to bring cash to Cabella. The online payment or the e-mail will be used as confirmation of your intention to join the camp.

Pocket money: €10 for youngsters and €20 for older children is sufficient. This can be kept with a parent or older sibling on camp, or by the child if they are old enough to be responsible about it, if not it can be given to the camp at registration, and we’ll give it to them the day we visit the village. Any emergency money can be temporarily arranged for by the camp.


Clothes worn on the camp should be dignified and express Sahaj culture. All trousers and skirts for daily wear should cover the knees to protect the Nabhi and tops should cover the shoulders to protect the Shri and Lalita chakras. Of course for sports and walks the appropriate clothing should be worn. All clothes should be labelled/named.

      • Sleeping bag
      • Sleeping mat
      • Towels and a reserve toothbrush
      • Clean set of clothes (preferably Saree, Punjabi, Kurta) for Puja and Havan
      • As many changes of clothes as possible as washing facilities are sparse
      • Warm pullover and/or a jacket for cool nights
      • Canteen (hiking water bottle: one big or two small – at least 1ℓ in total)
      • Hiking boots (gaiters are also good-to-have)
      • Strong shoes for sports
      • Small rucksack
      • Bathing suit
      • Rain jacket
      • Sun cream
      • Sun hat
      • Song Book (or at least booklet with most common bhajans)
      • Optionally they could bring another book to read during siesta (if they don’t have the habit to sleep in the afternoon)
      • Pocket money: 10€ for younger children and 20€ for older children is sufficient


      • Private food, sweets and chocolates – this attracts mice who will eat through bags to get at any food…
      • Excessive amounts of pocket money – everything over the suggested amount usually gets invested in hoarding sweets and chocolates (which then get eaten by mice).
      • Smart phones are not encouraged or needed during the camp. They can become a distraction to the owner and the children around them (just as any other device can). We reserve the right to confiscate them until the end of the camp.


The Daglio Camp is meant to serve in the spiritual growth of the Young Sahaja Yogis participating in it. For this reason, everyone who attends should be properly identified with the Sahaja Yoga culture and norms of behavior.

Children who have difficulty in accepting the authority of the adults running the camp can have a direct effect on the success and enjoyment of Daglio for everyone else. Those who have found this difficult in the past will be contacted before this year’s camp, to discuss expectations of their behavior, which will then in turn be carefully monitored. We hope these children will see this year as an opportunity to turn their behavior around, and to take their share of personal responsibility for the success of Daglio.

The children attending the camp are expected to:

  • Meditate regularly at home of their own free will,
  • Understand vibrations and how to work with them,
  • Want to come to the camp for themselves (instead of for their parents),
  • Be fully prepared to accept the rules and procedures of the camp.

Admittedly, this is more difficult to verify with younger children. If you are in doubt feel free to contact your country leader, the designated coordinator or us directly. If parents wish to give suggestions or feedback on this or any other aspect of the camp, please use the contact page here.


  • Children will be put into international groups of mixed ages, and will be responsible for organising and directing their own groups throughout the camp.
  • Each group will have 1 or 2 experienced adults attached to it.
  • There will be a wide variety of creative activities (art, dance, drama, music etc) for the children to choose from, as well as making suggestions of their own.
  • There will also be a mixed programme of outdoor activities and team games.
  • Each group will be responsible for making sure that all its members attend all activities of the camp (all activity sessions are compulsory).
  • Of course we will have regular morning and evening meditations, Puja, Havan, etc.

Accommodation in Daglio is spartan (mass dorms, no mattresses, cold water etc.). The real joy of the camp is the depth of strong vibrations in a very close Sahaj collectivity.

Note on hygiene: We recommend parents to teach their children to use water after going to the toilet as opposed to using toilet paper. Apart from this being far better for the Mooladhara Chakra, the toilets in Daglio get blocked if paper is used by so many people. Especially with the younger children we have seen some unhappy faces coming out of the bathroom who have not practiced this hygienic habit.


Please pass on this information to those whom it concerns and make copies of the registration forms as necessary. We will keep in contact with the country coordinators for the further preparation of the camp. Feel free to contact the address at the beginning of this document if you have any questions or suggestions. May this camp be another boost in the spiritual growth of our young Sahaja Yogis who are our future.

~Jai Shri Mataji!~