Yuva work camp (2-7 Aug)

Hey Yuvas!

Before the children’s camp, we’ve got some renovations lined up for the campsite, and we’re calling on all hands for a special Yuva work camp from August 2nd to 7th in Daglio. If you’re 16 or older, this is your chance to help and make a difference (please contact us at yuvadaglio@casamadre.eu if you are 16 or 17).

During this week, we’ll be rolling up our sleeves to spruce things up – think making beds, rolling out carpets, and gathering wood for the Havans. But it won’t be all work and no play! We’ve got hikes, sports, bonfires, and meditations on the mountain lined up to recharge our spirits amidst the hustle.

We will also need a trained first aider for this camp so please get in touch if you have this qualification.

If you are interested please join this WhatsApp group ASAP!!!

If you wish to join, registration is required! Please follow this link!


The Daglio Team


P.S.   The costs for this camp are 100 euros for the Western Countries/Steady Income, 80 euros for the Middle Income Countries and 60 for the Lower Income Countries!