What to bring to the registration desk

To make sure your child is accepted on the day, make sure to bring these to the registration desk before the camp/ do these tasks beforehand:

– the original registration form (front and back-side) will need to be presented one or two days before the camp at the registration desk (even if you sent a scanned version by mail beforehand) with:
– signatures of both parents (divorced parents: all the more reason to have both signatures)
signature of a SY coordinator or leader of your country or city
– make sure all fields are filled in (each parent signs 3 times in total on both pages)

NEW!!! signature of young person/Yuva to comply with Sahaj camp rules

– a valid ID or Passport will need to be handed over to the camp
– same for an insurance card valid in Italy
– original or a copy of the vaccination card of the child
– payment has been done by bank transfer at least 10 days before the camp starts or cash payment at registration desk

We reserve the right to not accept the registration of the child if one or more of these conditions is not met.

(apologies for being so strict but we feel we need to do this to protect the children, the camp organizers and Sahaja Yoga in general from some complaints or attacks that have happened in the past)


If you have any worries or questions, please contact us at info@dagliocamp.com.