Ananda Mela Daglio Camps

Daglio Yuva Seminar 2023



Dear children of the world,

Would you like to join a camp in the mountains with children from all over Europe and beyond?

In Daglio, in the mountains near Cabella Ligure

What do we do?

  • Creative activities like drama, sketching, drawing, music lessons, animation, woodwork, survival skills,…
  • Lots of hikes to the waterfalls and to the top of the mountain
  • Campfire with marshmallows
  • Getting to be yourself through ever present vibrations and lovely meditations
  • Shared joy amongst people your age
  • Treasure hunt
  • A terrifying but awesome night game!!
  • Sports (football, volleyball badminton, Olympic games,…)
  • Star gazing

To the Yuvas, parents, aunties and uncles:

Would you like to join this great experience and give the children the time of their life? The aim of the camp is to offer children the opportunity to live a yogi lifestyle, where they feel totally accepted for who they are, as beautiful young, realised souls.We always look for volunteers to offer great activities to the children (arts, sports, music etc.) and we need people with a teaching/pedagogy/child psychology qualification as we need one qualified person per 10 children. We also look for a qualified nurse/doctor/trained first aider. Please get in touch! We are family, we take care of each other, live and breath together, share meditations, share chores, laughter and forever friendships.


For more information and pre-registration


We went on a two day walk and had a BBQ… We played a very fun game called ‘The journey to Sahasrara.’