Invitation Ananda Mela Daglio Camp

Dear Young Sahaja Yogis, Parents, Aunties and Uncles from all over the world,

Below you can find the official invitation to this year’s Daglio camps. For the time being we intend to have the camps at the specified dates, however we cannot foresee at this point how the situation with Coronavirus/Covid-19 will evolve in the next months. 

If you booked flights already, do not cancel yet, but start informing yourself about your options to cancel or change the dates. Especially if you booked for the Girls Camp, one of the options on the table, if the travel & gathering restrictions would lift just too late for the Girls Camp, we would have to limit ourselves to the dates of the Boys camp below, but have a mixed camp instead.

We are monitoring the situation week by week and we’ll keep you updated if there’s a change. What we can say for now, is that no final decision will be taken before Easter Puja, so the official registration will not open before that. If you wish to reserve your place for the camp otherwise, you can send us a mail at


It is a great joy and honour to once again invite you all to join the very international and fun-loving collective of ‘Ananda Mela’ Daglio, for the camp of 2020, in Shri Mataji’s house on the hills near Cabella, in the beautiful Italian countryside.

The registrations for 2020 are not open yet, but we are happy to share with you the dates:

> Preparation Camp Mon 6 – Fri 17 Jul (after Guru Puja; adults & yuvas only: DIY maintenance, cleaning, cooking, gardening, etc.)

> Girls Camp Mon 20 Jul – Sat 1 Aug (adults & yuvas expected from Thu 16 Jul or earlier, for team building and Hygiene & Safety trainings on Fri 17)

> Boys Camp Sun 2 – Fri 14 Aug (before Krishna Puja, adults & yuvas expected from Fri 30 Jul for team building and may have to stay 1 day extra for closing works)

Who can join:

  • All Sahaja Yogi children aged between 8 and 16 years old
  • Aunties, Uncles & Yuvas who can provide an activity for children, be dorm auntie/uncle, help in the kitchen or with general organization
  • Pre-Yuvas (16-17 y.o.) may also join as volunteers if they so wish

Places are limited to 60 children and 35 adults per camp, so please let us know before the end of June if you are coming.

The much-awaited camp will feature various creative activities as well as escapades to the footpaths, fields and waterfalls nearby. It will include a long hike with overnight camping, so make sure you bring proper walking boots. Children will also get the chance to grow higher and deeper together through collective meditation, bhajans and treatments.

If you have been before, you know you have to come back! If you haven’t been, then it’s time to have the experience of evenings around the camp fire, getting to know new people your age, inhaling the pure air during morning stretching, learning new arts and crafts, and of course those amazing vibrations every day!

Enthusiastic, hard-working adults who enjoy working in a team are very welcome to join in as aunties and uncles. Yuvas who want to help out with activities or with the younger ones as a big brother or sister are also very welcome! We also need volunteers to help set up the place before the camp starts.

Thank you for your interest in the camp. It is your love and enthusiasm that makes it so successful year after year.

Jai Shri Mataji and see you in Ananda Mela, Daglio!

We went on a two day walk and had a BBQ… We played a very fun game called ‘The journey to Sahasrara.’