Invitation to Ananda Mela Daglio Camps 2022

     Registrations for this year (2022) are closed.
Dear young Sahaja Yogis, dear Parents, dear Yuva Shakti, Aunties and Uncles!

After two years of inactivity, it is a great joy and honour to once again invite you all to join the very international and fun-loving collective of Ananda Mela Daglio, for the summer camp of 2022, in Shri Mataji’s house in the beautiful mountains near Cabella.

Registrations open as follows:

> Preparation: Family/Work Camp Mon 18 – Sat 23 July (Open to the families, yuvas & volunteers: DIY, maintenance, gardening, cleaning & cooking – immersed in the joy of the Daglio mountains; for the adults & yuvas who wish to help & learn, we’ll upgrade the solar panels this year, for children we’ll have ad-hoc creative activities and of course hikes to the waterfall for everyone.)

> Mixed Children Camp 8yrs-16yrs Sun 7 Aug – Fri 19 Aug (Volunteers to arrive a day earlier)

We are particularly looking for Sahaja Yogis/inis who are well organised and don’t shy away from hard work. Who are enthusiastic about helping the younger generation grow a love for Sahaja Yoga. People who can connect with the youth, who can bond. Yogis/inis who believe they can teach our youngest about Sahaj life in a fun way, 24 hours a day. Caring, loving Dorm Aunties/Uncles. In particular, we will need:

  • A qualified nurse/doctor, and/or trained First Aider
  • People with qualifications in child development/pedagogy/child psychology (we need these for our ratio to run a camp according to Italian legislation). You will not be asked to “be a teacher”! but please let us know if you have one of these, the more qualifications we have, the more children we are able to accommodate
  • Volunteers who can offer enriching, exciting, fulfilling activities for the children (from musical instruments to vocals, dancing and drama; from sports activities to juggling, den building and orienteering; from drawing, painting, digital animation, to pottery, woodwork and photography….)
  • Kitchen helpers, drivers, handymen/women

!! Note: Due to legal reasons, places are limited to 60 children and 35 adults per camp, so please let us know soon if you want to come.

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Invitation for the Children

The 2022 much-awaited camp will feature various creative activities as well as escapades to the footpaths, fields, and waterfalls nearby. Delicious food and real, Italian wood oven cooked pizza at the camp, and ice-cream from the village. It will include a long hike with overnight camping, star gazing, BBQ. Children and adults alike, will get the chance to grow higher and deeper together through collective meditation, bhajans and treatments. As part of the camp, we are also incredibly lucky to visit Mother’s Castle, for a meditation.

If you have been before, you know you have to come back! If you haven’t been, then it’s time to have the experience of evenings around the camp fire, getting to know new people your age, inhaling the pure air during morning stretching, learning new arts and crafts, and of course those amazing vibrations every day!

Thank you for your interest in the camp. It is your love and enthusiasm that makes it so successful year after year.

Jai Shri Mataji and see you in Ananda Mela, Daglio!

We went on a two day walk and had a BBQ… We played a very fun game called ‘The journey to Sahasrara.’