Ananda Mela Daglio Camp

We are delighted to invite boys, girls, parents and volunteers to spend time together in the hills of Daglio.

Shri Matajai called it the ‘place where you gather in joy”.

2018 dates

PRE-CAMP: Monday 16 July to 27 July (Adults & Yuvas only, camp cleaning & setup)
GIRLS CAMP: Monday 30 July to Saturday 11 August
BOYS CAMP: Monday 13 August to Saturday 25 August


We are looking for volunteers who love working with children and have skills ranging from cooking, dorm aunties/uncles, teachers in art, pottery, craft, music, sport, drama, practical activities, hiking etc. Volunteers are needed 1 day before the camps begin (Sunday) for a meeting. If you would like to be part of this unique experience this summer, please email us at 

Children attending camp

Children aged 8 to 15 are welcome and are expected to attend the full camp. Enthusiastic & responsible yuvas are invited to help as always.

Preparation Camp

These will be coordinated by a professional plumber and volunteers are most welcome to join in help prepare Daglio for the camps.

Anyone who has had the chance to visit these Italian Himalayas, would have experienced the serene and refreshing vibrations of this place. We are looking forward to being together with you once again and enjoy our Divine Mother’s nurturing attention.

Full details will be available on our new Daglio website shortly. We will post on SWAN again when registrations are open.

Video of what the camp is like: