General information

  • Please read all information in this “info for parents” section carefully as it may be critical for acceptance to the camp.

We have found that for the event to be a complete success for children and organisers, children should:
1) stay for the full camp (mandatory)

2) Meditate regularly at home of their own free will
3) Want to come to the camp for themselves (instead of for their parents)
4) Be fully prepared to accept the rules and procedures of the camp
5) Be properly identified with the Sahaja Yoga culture and norms of behavior.

Further information:

  • Children will be put into international groups of mixed ages, and will be responsible for organising and directing their own groups throughout the camp.
  • Each group will have 1 or 2 experienced adults attached to it.
  • There will be a wide variety of creative activities (art, dance, drama, music etc) for the children to choose from, as well as making suggestions of their own.
  • There will also be a mixed programme of outdoor activities and team games.
  • Each group will be responsible for making sure that all its members attend all activities of the camp (all activity sessions are compulsory).
  • Of course we will have regular morning and evening meditations, Puja, Havan, etc.

Accommodation in Daglio is spartan (mass dorms, not so hot water etc.). The real joy of the camp is the depth of strong vibrations in a very close Sahaj collectivity.

Note on hygiene:

We recommend parents to teach their children to use water after going to the toilet as opposed to using toilet paper. Apart from this being far better for the Mooladhara Chakra, the toilets in Daglio get blocked if paper is used by so many people. Especially with the younger children we have seen some unhappy faces coming out of the bathroom who have not practiced this hygienic habit.

The good vibrations. The big mountains. I like to much the bhajans and I like to play harmonium. The food is very good. In Daglio are too much nature…It was very good.

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