Impressions (original)

The vibrations here are like in Dharamsala because it is Shri Mataji’s house. We did a 2-day walk and were sleeping under the stars. We went to Milan and gave self-realisation and sang bhajans. Then we went to Aunty Alga’s house and listened to stories of Shri Mataji.

Daglio has been a great spiritual as well as physical journey for me. My meditation has been much, much better since I’ve been in Daglio camp and the nature is very beautiful. Daglio camp has taught me a lot about leading meditation, havans and so on as all the kids have to help or lead meditations. We also go on nice hikes and walks through the nature, like the walk to the cold waterfall. Overall Daglio has been a great vibrational journey and I recommend this camp to all kids around the world. And all the activities and events would fill up at least ten pages, so don’t worry about being bored.

Daglio camp is a ‘sort of’ large house, just a short way from Daglio village. I have been to Daglio camp many times, and have found many benefits. Firstly, I have had many enjoyable experiences (e.g. water fights, and sliding down the mountain). I have also made many new friends from all over the world. Being at the camp has also improved my spiritual being as well as my physical; and I have also learnt a lot from going there.Being at Daglio has also improved my confidence and personality.

The vibrations here are very strong. I enjoyed meeting new and old friends from around the country. Most of the food here at Daglio is excellent.I enjoyed singing the many bhajans we sang at Daglio. The whole day we spent in Milano was very nice. First I did some rock climbing. I was a bit scared at first but when I reached to I was really enjoying myself. Then the Yuva Shakti and me went swimming in an artificial canal which once water aeroplanes used for landing.

Whoever has been to I.S.P.S. in Dharamsala school will feel the same except for the food is better and we go trekking a lot more. My best trek was the two day walk. We went far away to another mountain, camped, and in the morning went further. In the evening we waited at a small Italian village for the Sahaja Yoga van to pick us up. It sure sounds easy and even now when I think of it, everything seemed like it worked out, but if you try it you’ll see what it’s like.

We even went to Milan to give realisation to the seekers, (remember this (Milan trip) is only for children over twelve, that means Yuva Shakti). We had pizza in the evening and went to aunty Alganesh’s house. We came back to Daglio late at night, that was also fun.

Near the Daglio village is a soccer field where the younger children go when the Yuva Shakti go out but the Yuva Shakti go there too. Here in Daglio we are surrounded by Gods creation.

Swimming, we can go at an awesome waterfall, many games are played and watching movies is allowed and making new friends is easy. I’m sorry for myself that I can’t come next year, but at least I have come here and had a good time.

I am in Daglio for the third time. I am the only teenager in Finland apart from a boy who’s turning 18 in half a year, and my sister.It isn’t very easy for me, when all my friends are non-Sahaja Yogis. It would be easier and more fun to spread Sahaja Yoga if I had a SY-friend to help.

This prooved true when we went to a place in Milan to give realisation. Lots of my age boys and me went there with some uncles. We had great fun. First we had a swim in the lake. Then some of us sang bhajans and the rest (including me) were handing out leaflets. We even had a competition, who hands out most and fastest! We gave to people walking, on bikes, on cars and trucks, and even the tourist-train. I don’t know if I would’ve handed out so many leaflets if I didn’t have any company. After this we played a bit of football, after which we left back for Daglio. On the way back we had a nice dinner in a pizzeria, and after that went to meditate in auntie Alga’s house. She lives right next to the pizzeria. Before the meditation she told us a few really wonderful stories of her experiences with Shri Mataji. I felt really special at the time. Not everyone gets to even meet a women such nice as auntie Alga, and who has spent so much time with Shri Mataji. My fabulous day ended with the best meditation, with the strongest vibrations I had in quite a while.

I came to Daglio and I waited for my friends but they did not come :’-(. We went on a two day walk and had a BBQ. We gave realisation in Milan, that was fun J. We played a very fun game called ‘The journey to Sahasrara.’ We went to the waterfall. We played Coco and Kabaddi.

You feel very easily the vibrations. The view is beautifull. The walks are great. It’s great to wake up so early.

C’est super à Daglio! On retrouve ses copains et on fait de nouvelles connaissances. On fait des sorties super et les repas sont excellents. Les programmes le soir sont SUPERS, On médite toujours bien. Je vous conseille vraiment de venir!

J’ai aimé: le foot, les Yuva (le web-site). En fait, j’ai tout apprécié.

The good vibrations. The big mountains. I like to much the bhajans and I like to play harmonium. The food is very good. In Daglio are to much nature. We was going in Milan. It was very good.

Daglio is very, very enjoyable. Every afternoon there is something special to do, and every morning there are activities.

Something I particularly enjoyed was going to Milan to give realization, as well as having a swim in the warm water; and playing; and having ice creams. We sang bhajans and danced and especially gave realization to lots of people.

At Daglio we also get to meet lots of boys of all ages, and especially from all around the world (if you are collective enough to not stick to one particular group). This year, as well as last, we had a huge 2-day walk in the fantastic mountain landscape surrounding Daglio. I don’t know how many last year were covered (mountains), but every single bit of it was really, really great (especially the barbecued sausages at night around a camp fire; and the sleep under the stars by the fire).

We also go out a lot, play in the sports field, enjoy Ice creams (they are ‘divine’ at Daglio), have walla, and also play indoors: football, badminton, volleyball, cards with our friends and lots of other things.

The vibrations there are really strong (Shri Mataji said they were the same there as in Dharamshala). Every year I have come here I have enjoyed it so much, and I hope to come next year. Jai Shri Mataji !!!

It is my first time that I’m in the camp, and I’m very enjoying myself. I going deeper to Sahaja Yoga and getting better at my English.

Comments from previous years:

Shekhar on 13 Jun 2007
Dear Sahaj brothers & sisters, “JAI SHRI MATAJI”.
Just received mail regarding Daglio youth camp,Italy. Viewing the photographs, I was transported to another world. A world, full of vibrations, a world of simplicity and joy.The joys that emanates from our Mother. It is these collective gatherings, which purifies and bonds us. It gives us a glimpse of the future, a world of Shri Mataji’s dreams. And reading these lines, which gives a first-hand account of the previous camps, I wish I could become a child,once again. Oh, what beautiful feelings,it evokes. One has to be really lucky, to be a participant in such divine Sahaj global gatherings. -SHEKHAR.

Edwin on 11 Jul 2007
Always hope to be in Daglio again. It is such blessing to be there. The site, the kids and uncles and auties gave wonderful inspiration and uplift for one’s grow. Thank you all.
Jay Shri Mataji!

jean marc jean on 11 Jul 2007
hi. i am very happy to see the picture of all .
jay shri mata

Priya on 05 Aug 2007
It is lovely to see how the buds of Sahaja yoga are being nutured to become flowers and great beacons of Sahaja Yoga! Very heart warming.

Georgi Dimov on 09 Aug 2007
I had the chance once to go there, during the days of Sahasrara puja, there was no kids, but the atmosphere was amasing, the vibrations are really strong it is so peaceful. With this pics I was there enjoying even more. Hope to go again may be as uncle ;o))) will be great pleasure for me.
Jay Shri Mataji

Liliana Walsh on 07 Aug 2016
Thanks to our Divine Mother me and my son had the great opportunity to participate in the Boys Daglio Camp. I think that was a good idea to have boys and girls in different weeks. We were blessed with the great team leaded by aunt Carol from England. We her big heart and loving care she carefully took care of every detail of the camp to ensure the best experience for all the children. She really did a great job along with the wonderful Yuvas who lead different groups and activities. All flow in a harmony, peace and joy in this vibrated and beautiful paradise.

It was wonderful to work with a great hard workers group of volunteers who with big open heart helped in the kitchen. My son was so happy of this unique and repeatable experience.

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