Register for Ananda Mela Daglio Camp

Important points before you fill in below registration form:

  • READ THIS FIRST before completing the form!
  • All volunteers ALSO need to fill in the Nirmal Sevak Volunteer Application form!  Please write DAGLIO in the “reason why you want to be a volunteer”. DO NOT fill in the “coordinator recommendation” part of the Nirmal Sevak form.

Volunteer Application


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Filling in the form takes about 10 minutes, so make yourself comfortable with a cup of your favorite beverage before you start 😉

Only fill in the above field if you want this name to be used during the camp instead of the legal first name
Full name of someone you wish to indicate as emergency contact
Children should attend the full camp. Exceptions are granted on a case by case basis only. For more details on why this is important, please check the Information Page. Also, volunteers are expected to arrive 1-2 days in advance.
Food: We make sure the food on the camp is tasty and nutritious, with menus approved by an official nutritionist. If your child has major dietary requirements (which need ingredients not easily found in the area; or separate cooking effort) then we request the parents to work with the camp admins to find the best solution.
Health: Please list any recent health issues which could be of relevance.
Should there be any delicate aspect relating to the personality of your child that you wish to keep confidential, but which the head organisers would benefit from being aware of, please feel free to send us a separate email, or bring it up in person with one of us at the Registration Desk. We very much welcome you sharing such information, we encourage and need your collaboration to create a beneficial camp environment for your child where they are nurtured and their wellbeing supported.
We need a few volunteers with one or more of the below certifications:
– HACCP or other certification for working in a kitchen
– Fire Safety or Fire Fighting
– Medical degree or First Aid diploma
– Pedagogy or any other diploma that qualifies you to work with children
(or official employment proof of corresponding experience)

Receipt info (needed to produce a receipt of your payment; if you are not sure who will pay, please give details of the most likely person; you can amend it later on by writing to

Please double check that all information you provided is correct before you click the submit button.
If, for any reason, you need to make changes after submission this will only be possible by emailing