Invitation (original)

Dear Young Sahaja Yogis, Parents, Aunties and Uncles from all over the world,

It is a great joy and honour to once again invite you all to join the very international and fun-loving collective of ‘Ananda Mela’ Daglio, for the camp of 2018, in Shri Mataji’s house on the hills near Cabella, in the beautiful Italian countryside.

Registrations are not open yet, however here are the planned dates for those that need to book their holidays in advance:

Preparation Camp
Mon 16 Jul – Fri 27 Jul (before Guru Puja)
Ludo and many other hard working yogis will be there (as they are every year) to help setup the camp by performing general maintenance work and renovations. Everyone is very welcome to join them. Any questions regarding Pre-Camp, please write to
It has been suggested that the following initiatives be run at the Preparation Camp at the same time (OR as closing event after Boys Camp, until Krishna Puja):
Shakti seminar (some aunties suggested last year that it would help improve the vibrations of the place). Please write to
Family Camp, for families that are not able to send their children to the actual camps. If interested, please write to
Yuva Shakti seminar, preferably open to yuvas who would like to learn about specialist maintenance, renovations and repair works from esteemed yogi tradesmen. Please write to to express your interest.
Volunteer Preparation Seminar, Thu-Sat 26-28 July. This will provide an opportunity for all yogi volunteers to get a better understanding of their role and responsibility in the camp(s) as well as to get to know and meet with their like-minded brothers and sisters. HACCP & Fire Safety trainings may also be organized these dates (with certification).

Girls Camp
CHILDREN: Mon 30 Jul – Sat 11 Aug (between Guru Puja and the Festival of the Culture of the Spirit, during the Academy)
VOLUNTEERS: Fri 27 Jul – Sat 11 Aug (adults & yuvas are expected 3 days earlier for camp opening works & team building meetings)
*The camp is still in need of volunteers for key roles: cooking, medical care and administration.

Boys Camp
CHILDREN: Mon 13 Aug – Sat 25 Aug (after the Festival)
VOLUNTEERS: Sat 11 Aug – Sun 26 Aug (adults & yuvas to arrive 2 days before for team building meetings and stay 1 day extra to help close the camp)
*The camp is still in need of volunteers for key roles: cooking, medical care and administration.

These dates may not be ideal for everyone, however a great deal of effort has been put in to find the scenarios that work for most people, as can be seen in the ATTACHED FILE, which was shared with the most impacted countries. Based on feedback received and lead organizers availability, these were the best scenarios. We thank you for your understanding and invite you to share with us any related concerns or suggestions for the future.

Help Needed

We need more volunteer help to make the camps as fulfilling, satisfying and full of vibrations as it always is. Here is a list of things that YOU could help us with to achieve all this:

A. Lead Coordinator or Assistant Coordinator

Volunteer to lead or assist in the preparation and coordinaton of a camp (or help us find the right people for the job).

  • If you have coordinated children camps, schools or other programs involving children (in or outside of Sahaja Yoga, as long as they were officially recognized), as a teacher or project manager, please contact us at to see if or how you could help by joining our team (advising which of the above camps would best suit you).
  • If you know yogis within your network (national or international) who have run any kind of children programs, schools or camps (preferably official), please engage them and try to motivate them to discover this camp and put them in contact with us.

B. Vibratory support

Keep us in your enlightened attentions in your prayers and bandhans to help us overcome the challenges ahead:
– Finding enough qualified volunteers
– Receiving all the official authorizations

C. Country Coordinators

We need communication coordinators for each country, to help promote the camp to parents and potential volunteers. The more awareness, the more opportunity there will be to  find yogis qualified to run the camp.

We particularly need stronger engagement from these countries:

    • UK: we often receive comments when the first camp is organized too early in the year, when UK children are still in school.
    • Switzerland, Germany and Finland: these countries are impacted when the camps are organized too late in August.

The more volunteers from a country where yogis engage in the organization of the camps, the more likely the camps will be on dates that work for them.

Note also that if enough volunteers raise a hand, we could very well organize 3 camps throughout the summer, so even more children would benefit from them.

D. Other key roles in the camps

Next to Lead Coordinators (critical to have a second camp in the first place), there are a number of other key roles where, if volunteers are lacking, the organization of a second camp could be put at risk. If you think you can help with any of the below roles (or know someone who can), let us know what role and which camp (or camps) you would be available:

1) Main Chef or Sous-chef
2) Doctor or Nurse
3) Qualified teacher or counsellor (or other diploma that qualifies you to work with children)
4) HACCP Certified (food safety & hygiene, or similar diploma that qualifies you to work in a kitchen)
5) Fire Safety or Crisis Management certified
6) Plumber or Handyman (for the children camps or renovation camps)
7) Architect or having other type of experience in constructions and renovations
8) Driver (particularly needed in the Girls camp, where usually very few men volunteer)
9) Web-designer: the better the website, the clearer the communication to parents and volunteers (minimizing the problem-solving efforts during the camp) and the better the tools (minimizing the administrative work during the camp)
10) Secretary: there is a lot of administrative work before and during the camps, including but not limited to maintaining and updating the registration lists and forms, maintaining the archives, communication to parents and volunteers, updating the information on the website (at least produce the text), etc.
11) Italian representative: someone to greet the local guests or tourists passing by the camp and/or join the driver for shopping if necessary
12) Legal experience (preferably of Italian law), or proficient in finding the relevant answers in the field.

Also let us know if you are interested in joining the Preparation camp to help with:
– Renovations
– Clean-up and/or cooking for the attendees
– A volunteers’ seminar, to get to know each other and the camp better before children’s arrival
– A Shakti Seminar for ladies willing to support the camp and at the same time grow spiritually through the experience.

If you can help with any of the above, or have any question around them, please write to The more volunteers we find to cover the above for two camps, the more we are motivated and able to focus in forming a second team of experienced organizers for a second camp!


 Generic info

The much-awaited camp will feature various creative activities as well as escapades to the footpaths, fields and waterfalls nearby. It will include a long hike with overnight camping, so make sure to bring proper walking boots. Children will also get the chance to grow higher and deeper together through collective meditation, bhajans and treatments.

If you have been there before, you know you have to come back! If you haven’t, it’s time to have the experience of evenings around the camp fire, getting to know new people your age, inhaling the pure air during morning stretching, learning new arts and crafts, and of course those amazing vibrations every day!

Enthusiastic, hard-working adults who enjoy working in a team are very welcome to join in as aunties and uncles. Yuvas who want to help out with activities or with the younger ones as a big brother or sister are also very welcome! We also need volunteers to help set up the place before the camp starts (see Pre-camp details below).

Children age 8 to 14 are welcome and are expected to attend the full camp. Places are limited to 60 children and 40 adults per camp, so please let us know before the End of June if you are coming.

The cost will be fixed, €330 for a child and €140 for an adult, with discounts for siblings, parents and yogis from Eastern Europe and other developing countries. Note: If you cannot come due to financial reasons, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss an appropriate price. The payment will have to be done via bank transfer as of this year. See Information Page for more details.

To register you need to:

      • Pre-register by going to the Registration Page (not yet open!) and filling in the online form (for Adults/Yuvas as well).
      • Download and complete the Registration Form (docx version) which should be brought for the final registration in Cabella
        – Coordinator’s signature is needed on child’s form, so please take care in advance (alternatively e-mail also accepted)!
        – Adults & Yuvas need a letter/e-mail of recommendation from a national coordinator as well.

Thank you for your interest in the camp. It is your love and enthusiasm that makes it so successful year after year.

Jai Shri Mataji and see you in Ananda Mela, Daglio!