Volunteers (original)

Country co-ordinators:  We would be very grateful if you could act as the central point of contact between the camp organisers and the parents in your country, or if you could delegate someone to do this for you.  If you can help us in this way, please email us today at registration@dagliocamp.com.

Request for help with camp preparation

We need volunteers to help put up the place before the camp starts (cleaning, preparing the meditation room, moving kitchen utensils & children’s mattresses, trimming bushes on the side of the road, etc). If you are in Cabella during the Academy and have some spare time, this is a perfect opportunity to visit and learn more about the place. This year, a professional plumber (yogi) will be there during the Pre-Camp to lead the works. Any yogi who is a plumber or handyman (or interested to develop the skills:)) is welcome to join him that week.

Please give us a sign here if you are happy to help out or simply use the pre-registration form to let us know you’ll come.

Request for help during the camp: Aunties, Uncles and Yuvas

Here a few examples of the widespread areas to be covered by adults at the camp:

  • Guiding children during creative morning activities of all kinds (painting / drawing / nature studies / pottery / media studies / photography / maintenance / dancing / aikido / music / singing / poetry etc.)
  • Shri Mataji has specifically suggested that we should include wood carving
  • Sports / walks / games and excursions
  • Put children to bed, read stories
  • Chef (head cook)
  • Sous-chef (overall coordination of the kitchen, meal plans, supplies)
  • Help in the kitchen
  • Driving (shopping & transport of children)
  • General maintenance of the house & surroundings
  • Overall coordination of the camp
  • Administration & finances
  • A nurse or doctor would be very valuable
  • Handymen & gardeners are always welcome as well

Helping out at the camp is hard work but very rewarding. Uncles and Aunties wanting to help have to be prepared to dedicate their full day to the well-being of the children and should be able to communicate in English.

All countries sending three or more children must send at least one adult to help out at the camp. Adults should seek approval of participation from their country coordinator as well. You can first pre-register on the website and use the mail from us to forward to your coordinator and request approval as described on the Information Page. As the number of adults is limited you will need to register as early as possible. Late registration acceptance will depend on the available space.

Activity materials

Purchasing materials may be very challenging once the camp starts (very few suppliers nearby). Therefore we ask the volunteers who intend to lead a certain activity to purchase the necessarily materials themselves prior to the camp. It may be worth sending us an e-mail listing the materials you need and estimated total cost. We may already have some of them on camp, and for those that need to be bought, confirm if they are within the budget (usually 50 euro per activity block, per week). If you want reimbursement, please request in invoice on the following official address:

Casa Madre Impresa Sociale SRL
Via Martiri della Liberta 11
Cabella Ligure, (AL) 15060
VAT/P.IVA 02457740062


This year we are particularly looking for:
a) adults with a degree in child education or care (teachers, monitors, etc); experience in running children camps is a plus
b) adults or yuvas with advanced PHP, WordPress and/or MySQL knowledge to help with enhancements to the website as well as the complete transfer of contents and database to another provider which may take place this year or the next
c) Italian speakers who can help with some legal and commercial investigations and preparations. A tremendous job has been already done by the people of the World Foundation to make sure the camp is now running under all legal requirements. And the experience of last years has helped us build a decent list of suppliers. There is however room for improvement, as every now and then small legal questions arise for which we don’t have an immediate answer; and we could always benefit from learning about suppliers offering better prices or better quality products. To quote just a few examples:
– last year the question arose if it is legally allowed for a minor above 16 years old (i.e.: a yuva) to leave the camp premises unattended
– we intend to repair another piece of the road. So far we’ve only worked with the same local provider and paid the requested price. We could use someone to investigate if we can get a more competitive price elsewhere.
– it is getting critical to get an internet connection in the camp (too many volunteers require lifts to Cabella for an important mail or flight check-in, which becomes too disruptive for the camp; internet would also allow a more efficient communication with the parents throughout). No good deal was available at the current provider, in a location open only one month a year. We need someone to explore any financially feasible solution, be it negotiating a good deal with a provider, or finding out the prices and cancellation obligations across different providers (i.e: does any provider allow us to take a subscription, then cancel it 1-2 months later?)


Yuva Shaktis are most welcome to come and help in the camp. Their energy and creativity is a great asset for us, while in return we guarantee excellent fun and useful experiences!


It is very important for all adults & yuvas who come as staff to agree together on the standards of behaviour, procedures, safety etc. and to discuss how we will manage the children individually and in their groups, before the start of the camp. If you have questions please drop us a line.  All adults attending the camp should attend the meeting:

When: The day before the camp starts (may change in case of overlap with events at the hangar)

Where: To be decided – usually at the back of the hangar, but could also be at Mulino or at the camp site.

Please check again the website at least a couple of days before the camp for the latest dates & locations. For last minute changes, we’ll place an announcement on the sliding doors on the back of the hangar.