Description of setup
1) “Catch” the 4G signal on top of the ridge: 4G router (tplink AC1200) with an external 4G directional Antenna (Very SIM card is being used, which gave a better throughput  in Daglio than ho)
2) Share the internet with a long distance Wi-Fi signal (with directional antenna built-in): in this case 300 meter to the Daglio building. One “Sending” device on the ridge (TP-Link CPE510) (this is a long distance wifi device with a directional antenna built-in)
3) “Receiver” device for that long distance Wi-Fi signal (same type of device but configured as receiver: TP-Link CPE510)
4) Normal Wifi router (TP-Link Archer C6 AC1200) to share the internet over Wi-Fi

On the ridge of the mountain (in the forrest) we have:
– The electricity extension cable arriving. The socket goes into a water proof box which contains the 4G router as well as the the power adaptor for the CPE510 which provides power over Ethernet on the Ethernet cable to the device.
– Outgoing cables from that water proof box is for the antenna for the 4G router and the network cable to the CPE510 which is by itself a weather proof device and outside of the box (since it contains the directional antenna, it needs to be pointed to the Daglio building where the receiving device will “catch” the signal

On the balcony on the “receiving side” we have:
– The receiving device CPE510, which shows in led’s on the side if it has power (PoE), if there is traffic at the moment, and how strong the signal is it receives from the “sending” device (is always full power, since these devices can communicate over 10 km, in our case, only 300 m)
– The Ethernet cable from that device goes to the PoE device (which provides power to the cable for the CPE510 outside) and then is connected to the “Internet source” port on the Wifi router.
– Important: this Ethernet cable is at risk of being stuck (and damaged) between the door from Shri Mataji’s room to the terras, so there is a need to keep these terras doors open all the time and prevent them from being closed because of wind. (for now)

Closing at the end of the camp
– On the balcony: remove the CPE510 device and the Ethernet cable. Together with the Wifi router, the 2 power adapters, one more Ethernet cable the power extension cable: store everything in a box in the tools room clearly labelled: “Daglio internet: Do not touch”.
– On the mountain ridge (take a big flat screw driver with you to open the waterproof  box) Collect the 4G external antenna, the CPE510 and the water proof box. (you can leave the metal pole there), and store it also in a box in the tools room clearly labelled: “Daglio internet: Do not touch”.
– Regarding the 300 meter long power extension cable, you’ll need minimum 2 people specifically for this job to collect it since it is so heavy. You’ll need good skills with cables to roll-up the cable in a nice way (with loops on your shoulder for example). Best way for me till now is to roll-up half of the cable, which is then carried by one person, the second person than rolls up the rest. Storage can be in a big cardboard box in the tools room.