Costs & Payment Details

As part of our efforts to run the camp under all legal requirements and minimize the administrative work at the Registration desk, the participation fee is expected to be paid beforehand via bank transfer to the following address (the sooner the better and preferably no later than 10th of July):

  • Account holder name: Casa Madre Impresa Sociale SRL ETS
  • Account holder number: IT 93Q 03111 48710 000000 004271 (= IBAN)
  • Account holder address: Via Martiri Della Liberta 11 – 15060 Cabella Ligure (AL) – Italia
  • Account holder currency type: Euro (Euro only, no Pounds – if you transfer from the UK, you need to request your bank to transfer in Euro’s)
  • Bank Address: Piazza della Vittoria, 7 – 15060 Cabella Ligure AL, Italia
  • SWIFT Code: BLOPIT22 (= BIC)
  • Comment: “Daglio Registration – Child/Adult – Name Surname – Country – Boys/Girls Camp 2020(e.g.: Daglio Registration – Adult – Radu Bunda – Belgium – Girls Camp 2020)

Please take a screenshot extract of your payment and e-mail it to us, or print it out and bring it to the Registration desk in Cabella.
Also, please pay for the whole family in one transfer, in which case please list all the names in the 2nd Comment line (at least the first names).

Costs (yet to be confirmed for 2020):

  • Western countries:  €360 for the first child (a second child in the family pays €180, a third €120 and a fourth €90).
  • Adults & Yuvas: €140 for the full camp (€160 for Yuva volunteers under 18 y.o.)

In case a volunteer and a child are from the same family we have following prices (prices mentioned are for the whole family)

  • 1 parent on the camp with: 1 child: €430, 2 children: €610, 3 children: €730
  • 2 parents on the camp with: 1 child: €570, 2 children: €680, 3 children: €800

Please Note: Further discounts are offered to non-Western participants or where family income is low (i.e.: below $700 monthly per family member). Please check the Fee projections in the attached list (outdated), to see how much you need to pay according to your region and family size, or contact us directly to confirm the amount to be paid.
If you are not able to pay online beforehand, you can bring cash to Cabella and pay the camp at the registration desk the day before the camp starts.

Pocket money: €10 for youngsters and €20 for older children is sufficient. This can be kept with a parent or older sibling on the camp, or by the child if they are old enough to be responsible for it. If not it can be given to the camp at registration, and we’ll give it to them the day we visit the village.

Extra stay fee: €10 per child, per night, outside of the official camp dates. Note that this is only exceptionally allowed, if requested and approved in advance, and if the parents find a volunteer on site to act as legal guardian of the child before the camp starts (or after it ends), and make it official with a paper at their town hall (the child and guardian should have copies of that document with them, and an electronic copy of it should be e-mailed to us beforehand). Volunteers on the other hand don’t have to pay for the extra stay, but they are in exchange expected to help with all the necessary camp opening or closing works.

It is my first time that I’m in the camp, and I’m very enjoying myself. I going deeper to Sahaja Yoga and getting better at my English.

Next topic for parents: What to bring/what not to bring