General info

Staff meeting before the camp

We will have two calls before the camp (June/ July) to talk about activities and organisation of the kitchen as well as camp standards, behaviours, safety, etc. These calls are mandatory for all volunteers

During the camp

Your commitment is 24/7 and the goal is that our attention is always on the children and where we can, join or organise their activities (or help in the kitchen).

Closing of the camp

At the end of the camp, we will need everyone to help clean up Daglio. Additionally, if it is the last camp of the summer, we will need to close the camp for winter. This includes removing and storing everything from the meditation room, the kitchen and the bedrooms to the apartment, as well as turning off the water supply.

Daglio has been a great spiritual as well as physical journey for me. My meditation has been much, much better since I’ve been in Daglio camp and the nature is very beautiful.