General info

Staff meeting

It is very important for all adults & yuvas who come as staff to agree together on the standards of behaviour, procedures, safety etc. and to discuss how we will manage the children individually and in their groups, before the start of the camp. If you have questions please drop us a line.  All adults attending the camp should attend the meeting:

When: The afternoon before the camp starts (may change in case of overlap with events at the hangar)

Where: To be decided – usually at the back of the hangar, but could also be at the Mulino.

Please recheck the website at least a couple of days before the camp for the latest dates & locations. For last minute changes, we’ll place an announcement on the sliding doors on the back of the hangar.

Daglio has been a great spiritual as well as physical journey for me. My meditation has been much, much better since I’ve been in Daglio camp and the nature is very beautiful.