Buying activity material beforehand

We encourage volunteers who give a morning activity to already buy activity material before the camp so you will have the correct materials available to you for giving the activity. It may be worth sending us an e-mail listing the materials you need and estimated total cost. We may already have some of them on camp

The budget you can spent is up to € 50 per activity. (the camp will reimburse up to € 50 per activity, if more is needed, request the amount for approval before spending it)

Invoice details:
Very important however is that we need an invoice on the name of Casa Madre to be able to reimburse you:

Casa Made Impresa Sociale Srl ETS
Via Martiri della Libertà 11
15060 Cabella Ligure AL
PI/CF 02457740062
the IPA code is all you need to communicate to Italian shops, who would then be able to issue electronic invoices

Please print out this information and take it with you to the shop. Note that every shop is legally obliged to provide an invoice if requested. (even internationally)
It is ok for the shop to send us the invoice by post on a later date, in that case, request a simple ticket and mail it to us with the message an invoice will be sent by post.

Note that also when doing shopping for Daglio during the camp, invoices will always need to be requested.