Who’s coming


Hi everyone, IMPORTANT MESSAGE about the children’s camp. ONLY THOSE WHO HAVE RECIEVED A MESSAGE HAVE A PLACE IN THE CAMP. If you haven’t been contacted by the organisers it means you/your children do not have a place and have been placed on the waiting list.  Apologies about the confusion from the “Who’s coming” list, which unfortunately shows everyone who has registered as coming.


Yuva / Work Camp (Fri 2 Aug - Wed 7 Aug 2024) YS and volunteers (43)
Tommaso (Italy)
Lalita (Italy)
Vimala (Italy)
Mikail (Turkey)
Prem (UK-England) (R)
Divya (UK-England)
Joy (Netherlands)
Marleen (Belgium)
Ambika (France) (R)
Anjani (Netherlands)
Bhakti (UK-England)
Civan (Netherlands)
Tiziano (Italy)
Shankar (Romania)
Gabriele (Italy)
Alessandro (Italy)
Nitya (France)
Niranand (UK-England)
Hisko (Netherlands) (R.)
Preeti (UK-England)
Preeti (UK-England) (R)
Michelangelo (Italy) (R)
Jagat (UK-England)
Mykyta (Germany)
Işık (Turkey)
Davide (Italy)
Ram (UK-England)
Justyn (UK-England) (R)
Josh (UK-England)
Gargi (UK-England)
Ambrose (UK-England)
Vimala (Switzerland)
Alvaro (Canada)
Marli (Canada)
Anant (Austria)
Nishkala (UK-England) (R)
Darshan (Netherlands) (R)
Riccardo (UK-England) (R)
Devdut (Italy)
Haresh (UK-England) (R)
Shiam (UK-England) (R)
Narayani (France)
Ebru (Turkey)
Dmytro (Germany)
DHATRI (Norway)
Giulia (Italy)
Children's Camp (Date: Sun 11 - Fri 23 August 2024) (85)
Wewe (Germany)
Simion (Romania)
Mihail (Romania)
Nandini (Austria)
Shirin Grace (Austria)
Leela Chiara Marie (Austria)
Virat (UK-Wales)
Markandeya (UK-Wales)
Narayani Laima (UK-Wales)
Leonardo (Italy)
Narayani (Italy)
Vikram (Russia)
Laetitia Parvati (Austria)
Narayani (Belgium)
Mohan (Belgium)
Lelli Nicolò Ganesh (Italy)
Jyoti (France)
Nirananda (France)
Beatrice Nira (Ireland)
Arjun Shridhar Guillaume (UK-England)
Devam Louis (UK-England)
Raphi (Austria)
Dmytro (Germany)
Ivan (Germany)
Priya (Belgium)
Arianna (Italy)
Gaia Maria (Italy)
Aaron (Belgium)
Arianna (Italy)
Keion (Belgium)
Siddharta (Italy)
Ananya (Belgium)
Aditi (Belgium)
Emelie (Austria)
Elias (Austria)
Aaryan (UK-England)
Lucie (India)
Rhiyarn (UK-England)
Eva Maya (UK-England)
Arya (Czechia)
Athena (Czechia)
Rohan Singh (UK-England)
Oscar (UK-England)
Ivan (UK-England)
Malini (Austria)
Ambika (France)
Diya (France)
Éleonore Zara (Switzerland)
Laure Anaya (Switzerland)
Penelope (Austria)
Aurelia (Austria)
Simion (Romania)
Vashudev (Italy)
Dhara (Germany)
Ananya (Germany)
Radu Patrik (Czechia)
Shanti (Germany)
Lalita (Germany)
ambika (Germany)
same (Spain)
UDAY (Spain)
Oli (UK-England)
Castelli (Italy)
Castelli (Italy)
Victoria (Ukraine)
no name (Ukraine)
Kateryna (Ukraine)
Yunona (Ukraine)
Vizi Andrei Victor (Romania)
Abhu (USA)
Siddhant (UK-England)
Thor Adamya (Slovakia)
Amba (Finland)
Uma (Finland)
Kuankuan (China)
Emil (Austria)
Sofia Pecorelli (Italy)
Kai (Netherlands)
Shaina Shura (Netherlands)
Anandi (Czechia)
Janardan (Czechia)
Maria Devi (Netherlands)
Akbar (Germany)
Issa (Germany)
Deya (USA)
Children's Camp: Volunteers (59)
Jagat (UK-England)
Agne (UK-England)
Tommaso (Italy)
Manisha (France) (R)
Divya (France)
Smita (Canada) (R)
Punya (Austria)
Savenko Mykyta (Ukraine)
Lalita (Italy)
Irene (Italy) (R)
Paolo (Italy) (R)
Mikail (Turkey)
Raaghav (UK-England)
Işık (Turkey)
Vimala (Italy)
Rafi Anand Blower (UK-England)
Gadin Matteo A (India)
Rma (Belgium) (R)
Nik (Belgium) (R)
Machindranath (UK-England)
Clara (UK-England)
Anna (UK-England)
Prem (UK-England) (R)
Divya (UK-England) (R)
Joy (Netherlands) (R)
Ebru (Turkey) (R)
Anjani (Netherlands) (R)
Bhakti (UK-England) (R)
Udita (Netherlands) (R)
Saskia (Austria) (R)
Riccardo (UK-England) (R)
Soraya (Austria)
Nitya (France)
Civan (Netherlands)
Flavia (UK-England) (R)
Sibylle (Switzerland)
Shankar (Romania)
Alvaro (Canada)
Marli (Canada)
Niranand (UK-England)
Sakshi (UK-England) (R)
Alessandro (Italy)
Gabriele (Italy)
Silvia (Italy) (R)
Michaela (Austria)
Ninke (India) (R)
Alok (India) (R)
Ilias (Germany) (R)
Joya (Italy)
Alexander (UK-England)
Davide (Italy)
Chetna (Finland) (R)
Sandra (Germany) (R)
Hossein (Germany) (R)
Lorenzo (Italy) (R)
Narayani (France)
Anna test (Bolivia)
Shveta (UK-England)
Volodymyr (Austria) (R)

At Daglio we also get to meet lots of boys of all ages, and especially from all around the world …This year, as well as last, we had a huge 2-day walk in the fantastic mountain landscape surrounding Daglio.