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Dearest Family,

One year after purchasing the Palazzo Doria, in May 1992 (around Sahasrara Day), our Holy Mother purchased another property further up from the valley, a former farm in the mountain village of Daglio. She said that it has the same vibrations as the Himalayas, and the yogis who have visited Daglio over the years were able to experience the powerful vibrations that can be felt there, many comparing it with Dharamsala.

By Mother’s grace, every summer since 1994 Sahaj children’s camps have been organised in Daglio. Needless to say, Shri Mataji has always supported these camps with Her divine attention. Over the years She made several visits, every time asking practical questions about the organisation and safety of the camps.

During one of Her last visits up to Daglio, in 2007, Shri Mataji also asked that the road be fixed. In 2010 and 2011 some patches of road were concreted. This was done with the limited funds of last years’ camps for a total amount of € 14 500. To fix the worst remaining parts which are a risk for cars would cost € 10 000.

If you would like to help, kindly send your donations to the World Foundation (please don’t forget to mention in the comments it is for “Daglio”, as indicated below):

  • Address: Corso Marenco 83, 15067 Novi Ligure (AL), ITALY
  • IBAN: IT 49 C 03332 48420 000001511620
  • Comment: For Dagliocomment is needed to have the money directed by the Foundation to Daglio

Excess money will be used to create a fund for further improvement projects, such as a water-tank*, separate rain water plumbing, general maintenance, fix other bits of the road etc.

Note that the above account is only to be used for donations, not payment of the camp fee. Please see the Information page for payment information.

With lots of love and enthusiasm,

Jay Shri Mataji!
The Ananda Mela team and the Foundation.