Boys camp (text to recycle?)

Please note these are 2017 dates and will be updated later for 2018

Volunteers are expected in Cabella as of Saturday 5 August for general volunteers’ meeting(s).

  • Starts: On Sunday 6 August from 9:00 till noon we will collect all children from the Puja hangar and shuttle them to Daglio.
  • Ends: On Friday 18 August from 13:00 (to be confirmed) we will transport all children from Daglio to the Puja hanger, the last shuttle being expected to arrive around 17:00. From this time onward parents are fully responsible for their children, however note that we may need the children to re-assemble later that day for a performance during the evening program in Cabella.

We also go out a lot, play in the sports field, enjoy Ice creams (they are ‘divine’ at Daglio), have walla, and also play indoors: football, badminton, volleyball, cards with our friends and lots of other things.