Camp Leader (CRITICAL!)

If you have coordinated, or assisted in the coordination of children camps, schools or other programs involving children (in or outside of Sahaja Yoga, as long as they were officially recognized), please contact us urgently at to see if / how you could help by joining our team for the 2019 camps.


If you know yogis within your network (national or international) who have run any kind of children programs, schools or camps (preferably official), please engage them and try to motivate them to discover this camp and put them in contact with us.


This is a critical need, because the camp will not receive the official authorization if it’s not run by somebody with the proper credentials.


Former organizers will be there to provide all the necessary help, however they don’t have the formal credentials required on their CV to be accepted by the mayor.


Please pass this message to your collective, and particularly to anyone you think might have the qualification. For this year we found just enough people for the job (but there is room for more), however not all of them may be available next year. And if we don’t find at least 2 such persons, the Daglio camps may not happen next year anymore.


The vibrations here are like in Dharamsala because it is Shri Mataji’s house. We did a 2-day walk and were sleeping under the stars.