Looking for Ananda Mela Daglio country coordinators

We need communication coordinators for each country, to help promote the camp to parents and potential volunteers. The more awareness, the more opportunity there will be to find more yogis qualified to run the camp.

We would particularly need a stronger engagement from these countries

  • UK: We often receive comments when the first camp is organized too early in the year, when UK children are still in school.
  • Finland, Switzerland and Germany (and to a lesser extent Denmark, Sweden and Norway, where so far very little interest has been expressed). These countries are impacted when the camps are organized too late in August.

The more engagement from a country where volunteers engage in the organisation the more likely the camps will be on dates that works out for them.

We also go on nice hikes and walks through the nature, like the walk to the cold waterfall. Overall Daglio has been a great vibrational journey and I recommend this camp to all kids around the world.