info for pre-camp participants

All expenses or investments done for the camp or the Daglio building need an invoice (fattura in italian language) on the name of Case Madre:

Invoice details:

Casa Made Impresa Sociale Srl ETS
Via Martiri della Libertà 11
15060 Cabella Ligure AL
PI/CF 02457740062
the IPA code is all you need to communicate to Italian shops, who would then be able to issue electronic invoices

Important: Regarding shops in Cabella or Albera, when specifying Casa Madre, also specify Daglio, since they bill to Casa Madre for 9 different reasons, such as the school, puja’s, festival, mini-washi, Centrassi, etc…
If they propose they provide the invoice directly to Casa Madre including collecting the money from them instead of you paying, that is ok if you mention the invoice details and that it is for Daglio, in that case you also need to get a normal receipt or delivery paper and give it to us informing us it is not paid and the invoice will come later

Please print out this information and take it with you to the shop. Note that every shop is legally obliged to provide an invoice if requested. (even internationally)
For shops in Italy and other countries: When you pay, it is ok for the shop to send us the invoice by post or by mail on a later date, in that case, request a simple ticket and mail or give it to us with the message an invoice will be sent by post or by mail and it is paid already.

Note that also when doing shopping for Daglio during the camp, invoices will always need to be requested.

Contact during Pre-Camp:
Ludo +32 472 83 16 90 (works coordinator on-site)
Giacomo +39 335 749 7358 (WF administrator in Cabella; you can reach out to him during daytime if Ludo doesn’t answer)
Radu +32 494 36 51 52 or Narayana +32 498 94 50 13 (off-site coordinators; you can reach out to them in the evenings if Ludo doesn’t answer)