volunteers with diploma working with children

We need 5 to 6 volunteers on the camp with qualifications to work with Children. (legal requirement to have 1 for every 10 children)

So if you have a teacher diploma (or a monitor, a child psychologist or any similar qualification) or any experience with working with children, we need the following from you:

  • your CV
  • copy of diploma
    • Work experience with children with proof of employment in a school or similar institution is also valid in case of no qualifying diploma
    • if you take a photo instead of a scan, please make sure the lighting is good and no fingers or hands on the photo, and the least amount of unneeded border as possible
  • a criminal check from your local commune (this can take a week on average)

Please provide these papers to us as soon as possible after your registration.

Since we are only a few people doing the admin of this camp and we have to deal with around 200 people registering, asking questions, etc… please make sure to send us the requested documents in good quality scans, all at once (one email with a zip file attached for example) and with filenames of the attachments containing your full name.

Also, all volunteers working full time in the kitchen should have an HACCP certificate (if you have one but don’t plan to work in the kitchen, please send it still)
Three volunteers should have a Fire Safety certificate.
Two volunteers should have a First Aid diploma (or a medical degree).

If needed we will provide a 2 hour training for HACPP (food safety) and Fire Safety training Saturday before the first camp. Let us know if you would be interested to follow one of these.

All documents sent to us should be renamed by the sender for easy filing as follows:

John Smith UK Teacher’s Diploma
John Smith UK CV
John Smith UK Criminal Check
Jenny Smith UK Food Engineer diploma (HACCP implied)

Note on Criminal Check

As stated above, the head of the camp and all qualified child supervisors must present a Criminal Check. This varies a lot from one country to another, in price, scope (some have a special one for working with children) or time to have it delivered. Please request it in time so you don’t have to pay an urgency fee to have it just before the camp.