Volunteers during the camp

Find out how you can volunteer in this section

In order to run a children camp, we require:

  • Adults with a qualification in child development/education or pastoral care (teachers; teaching assistants; children counsellors, etc), or with experience in running children camps/clubs/activities, at a ratio of 1 qualified adult per 10 children
  • Italian speakers who can liaise with the local suppliers
  • Yuva Shakti and adults who wish to volunteer and offer activities

Here are a few examples of the roles

  • Guiding children during creative morning activities of all kinds (painting / drawing / nature studies / pottery / media studies / photography / maintenance / dancing / aikido / music / singing / poetry etc.)
  • Shri Mataji has specifically suggested that we should include wood carving
  • Sports / walks / games and excursions
  • Put children to bed, read stories
  • Chef (head cook)
  • Shopping coordinator
  • Sous-chef
  • Help in the kitchen
  • HACCP Certified (food safety & hygiene, or similar diploma that qualifies you to work in a kitchen)
  • Fire Safety certified
  • Driving (shopping & transport of children)
  • General maintenance of the house & surroundings
  • Overall coordination of the camp
  • Administration & finances
  • Experienced first aid person (Nurse or doctor would be very valuable)
  • Handymen/women (can be plumbing, metal work, wood work, gardener, building experience, …)
  • One or two mini-van drivers

Helping out at the camp is hard work but very rewarding. Uncles and Aunties wanting to help have to be prepared to dedicate their full day to the well-being of the children and should be able to communicate in English.

All countries sending three or more children must send at least one adult to help out at the camp. Adults should seek approval of participation from their country coordinator as well. As the number of adults is limited you will need to register as early as possible. Late registration acceptance will depend on the available space.

Also let us know if you are interested in joining the Preparation camp to help with:

  • Renovations
  • Clean-up and/or cooking for the attendees
  • A volunteers’ seminar, to get to know each other and the camp better before children’s arrival
  • A Shakti Seminar for all ladies willing to support the camp and at the same time grow spiritually through this experience.

If you can help with any of the above, or have any question around them, please write to info@dagliocamp.com. The more volunteers we find to cover the above for two camps, the more we are motivated and able to focus in forming a second team of experienced organizers for a second camp!

It is my first time that I’m in the camp, and I’m very enjoying myself. I going deeper to Sahaja Yoga and getting better at my English.