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Dear Young Sahaja Yogis, Parents, Aunties and Uncles from all over the world,

It is a great joy and honour once again, to invite you all to join the very international and fun-loving collective of ‘Ananda Mela’ Daglio, for the camp of 2017, in Shri Mataji’s house on the hills near Cabella, in the beautiful Italian countryside.

PRE-CAMP: Monday 10 of July till Saturday 22 of July (Adults & Yuvas only, setting up the camp)
GIRLS CAMP: Monday 24 of July* till Saturday 5 of August
BOYS CAMP: Sunday 6 of August* till Friday 18 of August

*Volunteers are expected to arrive 1-2 days in advance, namely:
– Girls Camp volunteers on Sunday 23, or even Saturday 22 of July (we may be able to offer HACCP and Fire Safety trainings on Saturday morning only)
– Boys Camp volunteers on Saturday 5 of August (again, we may be able to offer the trainings only on Saturday morning)

Children age 8 to 14 are welcome and are expected to attend the full camp. Places are limited to 60 children and 40 adults per camp, so please let us know before the End of June if you are coming.

The much-awaited camp will feature various creative activities as well as escapades to the footpaths, fields and waterfalls nearby. It will include a long hike with overnight camping, so make sure to bring proper walking boots. Children will also get the chance to grow higher and deeper together through collective meditation, bhajans and treatments.

If you have been there before, you know you have to come back! If you haven’t, it’s time to have the experience of evenings around the camp fire, getting to know new people your age, inhaling the pure air during morning stretching, learning new arts and crafts, and of course those amazing vibrations every day!

Enthusiastic, hard-working adults who enjoy working in a team are very welcome to join in as aunties and uncles. Yuvas who want to help out with activities or with the younger ones as a big brother or sister are also very welcome! We also need volunteers to help set up the place before the camp starts (see Pre-camp details below).

The cost will be fixed, €320 for a child and €140 for an adult, with discounts for siblings, parents and yogis from Eastern Europe and other developing countries. If you cannot come due to financial reasons, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss an appropriate price. The payment will have to be done via bank transfer as of this year. See Information Page for more details.

To register you need to:

  • Pre-register by going to the Registration Page and filling in the online form (for Adults/Yuvas as well).
  • Download and complete the Registration Form (DOC/PDF) which should be brought for the final registration in Cabella
    – Coordinator’s signature is needed on child’s form, so please take care in advance (alternatively e-mail also accepted)!
    – Adults & Yuvas need a letter/e-mail of recommendation from a national coordinator as well.

Thank you for your interest in the camp, it’s your love and enthusiasm that helps make it a success year after year.

Jai Shri Mataji and see you in Ananda Mela, Daglio!

Pre-camp Renovations : 10 – 22 July

During the Academy weeks we’ll do some preparation works (building repairs, clear the vegetation, setting up the dorms, vibratory work, etc). A professional plumber, yogi, will be there to care of some of the more specialized works, but he would be happy to receive the help of other yogis with the practical works, as well as other needed tasks like shopping & cooking.

If you would like to give a hand with the opening preparations, give us a sign here or write us at Plumbers, handymen, gardeners interested to help are welcome to join and can of course bring their families along. Yuvas willing to assist and maybe learn along some practical skills can join too.


We are still looking for a few volunteers to join the core team of organizers to help in the early preparation of the camp and/or have a leading role in coordinating various efforts in the preparation or running of the camp. Therefore, if you are willing to get involved and help make the 2017 camp(s) a success, do not hesitate to contact us asap at

We are particularly looking for:
a) Doctor or a nurse for each of the 2 children camps
b) Main chef for the Boys Camp. Sous-chefs for both camps are also needed.
c) Adults with a degree in child education or care (teachers, monitors, etc); experience in running children camps is a plus
d) Adults or yuvas with advanced PHP, WordPress and/or MySQL knowledge to help with enhancements to the website as well as the complete transfer of contents and database to another provider which may take place this year or the next
e) Italian speakers who can help with some legal and commercial investigations and preparations. A tremendous job has been already done by the people of the World Foundation to make sure the camp is now running under all legal requirements. And the experience of last years has helped us build a decent list of suppliers. There is however room for improvement, as sometimes small legal questions arise for which we don’t have an immediate answer; and we could always benefit from learning about suppliers offering better prices or better quality products. To quote just a few examples:
– last year the question arose if it is legally allowed for a minor above 16 years old (i.e.: a yuva) to leave the camp premises unattended
– We would like a competitive offer for the reparation of another piece of the road (we have an offer from a local company, but the price went notably up)
– it is getting critical to get an internet connection in the camp (too many volunteers require lifts to Cabella just to book a flight or similar, which becomes too disruptive for the camp). No good deal was available at the current provider, in a location open only one month a year. We need someone to explore any financially feasible solution, be it negotiating a good deal with a provider, or finding out the prices and cancellation obligations across different providers (i.e: does any provider allow us to take a subscription, then cancel it 1-2 months later?)